Bilious Colic

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This disease, in addition to the symptoms of cutting, cramping pains in

the bowels, as in common colic, has great distress in the stomach, with

nausea and vomiting, the bowels being costive, the feet and hands cold,

sometimes cold sweats occur. There is also considerable fever, and

frequently headache is present. The substance vomited is at first dark

bilious matter, but if the case continues a long time, stercoraceous

(fecal) matter will be thrown up.


_Colocynth_ is the most important remedy, and should be given early and

constantly. _Podophyllin_ is next in importance, and it should be given

in alternation with the former, the dose to be repeated as often as

every half hour at first, and as the patient becomes easy, at longer

intervals. In this, as in the former case, great benefit will be derived

from large injections of quite warm water, and let it be taken into the

stomach freely, as hot as can be safely swallowed. I have given a gallon

of hot water in the course of two hours, to a patient suffering under

this disease, the first half pint being rejected, but the balance

remaining, perfect relief having been experienced. If fever continues

after the colic and nausea cease, _Baptisia_ and _Aconite_ should be

given alternately every hour until the fever subsides. If the patient

is, and has been, for some time, costive, _Nux Vomica_ should be given

once in six or eight hours until the bowels move. Injections may also be