Convulsions Of Children - Fits

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

These generally occur, either from the irritation of worms, or as

precursors of ague, or they may arise from diarrhoeal irritation,

affecting the brain. They sometimes occur in hooping cough.

If convulsions occur from worms, the child appearing to be choked, give

at once some salt and water, and as soon as the first paroxysm is over,

give a dose of _Bell._, and after an hour a dose of _Santonine_. If they

come on at the commencement of an ague chill, give _Aconite_ and _Bell._

every half hour for three or four doses alternately, then leave off the

_Bell._ and give _Baptisia_. If diarrhoea is the cause, give _Bell._

and _Cham omilla_. If from hooping cough, _Bell._ alone should be used.