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Medical Articles

Ankle Swelling

When long continued in connection with disease or accident, th...

Hooping Cough

According to my experience, though this disease may not be en...


There is no absolute contraindication to careful esophagosco...


It has been estimated that 70 per cent of stenoses of the es...

Children's Teething

See Teething. ...

Emergency Tracheotomy

Stabbing of the cricothyroid membrane, or an attempted stabb...

Theory Of Man

Let the question now be raised--What is man? The answer will ...

Factors Increasing The Blood Pressure

With normal heart and arteries, exertion and exercise should ...

Methods Of Treatment

Irritating applications probably provoke recurrences, becaus...


Janeway [Footnote: Janeway, T. C.: A Clinical Study of Hypert...

The Throat Should Be Covered With A Wet Compress I E A Piece Of

linen four to eightfold, according to its original thickness, d...

Circulation Of The Blood

Nothing is more important for the health or healing of any org...

Noise And Disease

Perhaps nothing shows more the lack of human feeling in many p...

Other Lesions

Tricuspid insufficiency, except as rarely found in the fetus,...

Water On The Chest

Sometimes a large watery swelling appears in one part or anoth...

Length Of Bath

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a littl...

Yellow Fever

[As I have never practiced farther South than Cincinnati, and...

Hurry, Worry, And Irritability

PROBABLY most people have had the experience of hurry...


This forms a severe feature in many cases of illness, and has ...

The Use Of The Brain

LET us now consider instances where the brain alone i...

Continuation Of Packs Convalescence

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Whether the eruption appear or not, the packs should be continued during
the whole course of the disorder, and as long as the throat continues
troublesome; and one pack and bath a day should be given during some ten
or twelve days, after every symptom has disappeared. The patient, during
convalescence should not go out, except after his bath and in fine sunny
weather, till he feels quite well. However, he should not be kept
unnecessarily too long in-doors either, as exercise in the open air will
assist him in regaining his strength. If the weather is clear and
bright, the low temperature of the air need not be minded. I never saw
any one take cold after a pack and bath that walked out warmly dressed
in clear and cold weather.

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