Constipation Of Bowels

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

This disease may proceed from either a negative condition--a state of

atony from lack of nutrition, or a partial paralysis of the

bowels--or from a positive condition--a state of relaxation and

consequent weakness of the muscular tissues of the bowels. In either of

these cases, the peristaltic action of the intestines becomes enfeebled,

and constipation ensues.

In either case, use the A D current, of medium force. In the

first-mentioned case, place P. P. at back of neck, or in the mouth with

tongue instrument, and treat with N. P. over liver, stomach and bowels;

or place N. P. at the anus. Treat so five to eight minutes.

In the second-specified case, place N. P. at back of neck or on the

dorsal vertebrae, and treat with P. P. over the bowels five to eight


In both cases, repeat the treatment daily until relief is afforded. Or,

if the case be chronic, treat daily for three or four days, and, after

that, three times a week. It is well also to give general tonic

treatment as often as once a week. The patient should be urged to

retire and invite an evacuation regularly, about the same hour daily,

whether success attend it or not.