Dysmenorrhea Painful Menstruation

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the disease be occasioned by uterine displacement, obstructing the

os uteri, the organ must be restored to its normal position. This can

best be done by mechanical action. But it is most commonly occasioned by

irritation of the mucus membrane lining the interior cavity of the

uterus. Mucus surfaces, under chronic irritation, are electrically

negative. Therefore, in this case, if it be an old one, taking the A D

current, very mild force, apply the uterine electrode, N. P., to the

os uteri, and treat over the lower dorsal and upper lumbar vertebrae

with P. P., long cord. Treat five to eight minutes, three times a


But I should add, that recovery from this infirmity, when occasioned by

uterine irritation, will be much aided by commencing each sitting with

a general tonic treatment (see page 95), and closing with the

treatment just above prescribed.

The last described form of dysmenorrh[oe]a is sometimes attended with

spasmodic contraction of the os uteri, thus preventing the catamenial

flow. This may be readily relieved by applying P. P. to uterus, and N.

P. to lower dorsal and upper lumbar vertebrae.