Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

This is one of the most difficult of diseases to control by any of the

ordinary modes of medical practice; and yet, under judicious electrical

treatment, it is one of the surest to yield. The disease assumes various

phases in different persons, and at different times in the same person,

requiring varied treatment.

The pain, after eating, is severe; exhalations of air, apparently from

the inner surfaces of the stomach and bowels, or of gas from their

decomposing contents, are large--often enormous. The stomach is much of

the time acid, and, in some cases, sensibly cold, ejecting often a cold

mucus. The bowels are habitually constipated. The patient is nervous,

irritable, and subject to great depression of spirits. In this stage or

phase of the disease, there is a negative condition of the digestive

apparatus generally. Treat with the A D current, in mild force, and

expect the case to require considerable time. But, since there is no

approach to uniformity among patients, no approximation to definite time

can be stated. Give general tonic treatment, (page 95), three times a

week, and close each sitting with local treatment, having P. P. at the

coccyx, and manipulating some five minutes with N. P. over the entire

front parts of the abdomen and thorax, and over the liver.

It is sometimes found, in old cases, that there is no sensible acidity

of stomach; but a pyrosis--a burning sensation in the stomach, or a

little above, in what is usually termed "the pit of the stomach." Treat

this about three minutes with the P. P., strong force; moving N. P.,

long cord, over the lower dorsal vertebrae.