Earache - Otalgia

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This may arise from various causes, but a common one is sudden cold. If

it arises from cold, and there is general fever, or if the ear is red,

or the side of the head and ear hot, _Bell._ and _Baptisia_ should be

given in alternation, every hour, or in a violent case, more frequently.

These remedies will soon relieve such cases. Cloths wrung out of hot

water should be laid over the ear, or the side of the head steamed, or

it may be laid into water quite warm, with good effect.

Where the disease is a chronic affection, and the patient is subject to

frequent attacks of pain in the ear, especially on a change of the

weather, from dry to moist, _Mercurius_ is the proper remedy, especially

if it is worse at night, when warm in bed.

If it arises from a shock or blow, _Arn_. is to be used. In scrofulous

persons, whether there is ulceration or not, _Phosphorus_ and

_Pulsatilla_ are the remedies.

Children and even adults, not unfrequently suffer from earache, without

any known cause sufficient to account for it. On examination into the

ear you will often find either the cavity filled or nearly so, with a

hard black substance, (the inspissated "earwax") almost as hard as horn,

or else the ear will be quite empty, and the sides of the cavity _dry_

and red, though perhaps not properly in a state of inflammation.

The natural condition of the cavity as it can be seen by straining the

ear outwards and backwards a little in a strong sun light, is moist, the

surface covered slightly with a yellowish, greasy, soft substance (the

cerumen) "earwax." When this is wanting or in excess, or its character

changed, it is evidence of disease, and pain is likely to occur. The


for this condition is to remove the accumulation when that exists, as

the first step. But this must be first softened by pouring some warm

oil, pure olive oil, or good pure sperm oil, into the ear, and repeat it

two or three times a day for several days, until it is so far softened

as to be easily removed with the probe end of common small tweezers,

having a spoon-bowl point.

When there is dryness, moisten the surface with oil. In either case, it

is best, for a while, to protect the delicate surface from the air, by

putting oiled wool into the external ear.

If the ear was filled, give _Mercurius_ once a day until there appears a

natural secretion. If dry, use _Belladonna_.