Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

_Nux Vomica_ should be used once in about four hours, for twelve hours

before sailing, as a preventive to sea-sickness.

If, however, symptoms, such as dizziness or blur before the eyes, and

headache, begin to come on, a dose of _Nux_ should be taken, followed in

an hour with _Pulsatilla_.

If the nausea comes on, _Ipecac_ and _Arsenicum_ should be taken

alternately between the paroxysms of vomiting, should that symptom


If practicable, the patient should lay still upon the back until the

sickness passes off. I have removed sea-sickness immediately in several

instances with _Pulsatilla_ alone, and the last time I had an

opportunity to prescribe for this affection I gave _Podophyllin_. It

removed all the symptoms in a few minutes. That is the only time I ever

tried it, but from the provings I am satisfied it is one of the best