Ventilation All-important

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

If the circulation of air is necessary in any other form of

scarlet-fever, it is all-important in torpid reaction, especially when

it inclines to a typhoid type. We should never forget that it is the

oxygen of the air that nourishes the process of combustion going on in

every living body, and that in the same manner as no fire can burn

bright without a sufficient supply of air, the combustion within the

patient will be slower in proportion as there is less pure air in the

sick-room, and consequently his reaction will be weaker, and _vice

versa_. A sick-room, filled with a number of people, and with a large

fire in it, or fed with the corrupted air of a furnace, without the

access of pure air, will always prove a dangerous place for a patient

in torpid fever, the fire and every living soul in it absorbing the

oxygen indispensable to his recovery. And if the case become typhoid,

there is little hope of saving the patient's life without plenty of pure