Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

I have been frequently compelled to resort to these milder applications,

when there were no bathing utensils in families or boarding-houses, or

no servants to carry the water for a bath; and they have always

answered very well. In cases where a sitz-bath or a half-bath is

indispensable, to save the life of a patient, you will find the means of

procuring bathing utensils and the necessary quantity of water.

_Where there is a will, there is a way!_--I am sure that when once your

mind is made up to use the treatment, it will not be difficult for you

to find the means for it. There is always water, and there are always

hands enough, where there is _resolution_. And who would mind a little

trouble, when he can save a fellow creature's, perhaps a darling child's

life and health? As for the rest, the few days' trouble, which the

hydriatic mode of treatment gives, is largely recompensed by the much

shorter duration of the disease, and by the immediate relief the patient

derives from almost every application of water.

I have generally found that those parents who had confidence in the

treatment, had also the courage to resort to it. _Confidence and

courage_ create _resolution_, and when once you have begun to treat your

patient, you will be sure to persevere. _Il n'y a que le premier pas qui

coute_, as the French say: only the first step is difficult.