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APOPLEXY. 1. Mothers' Remedies, Simple yet Effective Remedy for

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

the feet of the patient in hot water and mustard," This is a very simple
treatment for such a serious disease, but very often will relieve as the
hot bath will cause a reaction, take the pressure of blood from the brain
and by this means has been known to save many lives.

2. Apoplexy, Simple Injection for.-"Place dry salt on the tongue and give
an injection as follows:

Warm water 1 quart
Common salt 2 teaspoonfuls
Brandy 1/2 ounce

This injection is recommended for any kind of a shock which affects
the circulation."

The injection of the bowels will relieve the congestion by drawing the
blood away from the brain.

Medical treatment must be to regulate the diet, bowels, kidneys, and
stomach. Restore the general health.

Caution. A person who has had an attack of this kind may have another.
The mode of life must be changed in most cases. The patient must take
things easy. The bowels, kidneys, stomach, and liver must work naturally
and the stomach must not be overloaded. Too much meat must not be eaten;
alcohol must be let alone; rich foods are prohibited. Hurry, worry, anger,
fright, excitement, etc., are bad. Be lazy, take life easy, do not get
over-heated, and sleep, sleep, SLEEP,--in a room where there is plenty of
good air. Do not lift or strain to have a passage of the bowels. Stooping
is injurious. The blood must be kept from the head. Take proper care and
you are likely to live years longer. And now you may wonder why I give
such cautions. Apoplexy is directly due to a breaking of the wall of a
blood vessel, large or small; due to a weakening, or decay, or
degeneration of the wall. This lets the blood into the substance of the
brain and presses upon the nerve centers, causing the trouble and
paralysis. Any wrong action tends to fill the blood vessels very full and
the weakened wall bursts.

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