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Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

This term means a pain in the head, all over the head, or at
one particular spot. It may be only a symptom of a general constitutional
derangement, some disease of some other organ, a temporary inability of
some organ like the stomach, liver, bowels, etc., to do work, or it may be
due to some local affection depending upon some trouble with the skull and
its contents. It is frequently but a symptom of some other trouble. It
occurs in fevers, infectious diseases, brain disease, etc. There are
different varieties depending upon the causes.

Sick Headache.
Nervous Headache.
Catarrhal Headache.
Congestive Headache.
Neuralgic or Gastric (stomach) Headache.
Bilious Headache.
"Bowel" Headache.
"Womb" Headache.
Rheumatic Headache.

CATARRHAL HEADACHE and RHEUMATIC HEADACHE may be treated together. This is
due to exposure to a draught of air, walking against the sharp and keen
wind, by getting the feet or other parts of the body wet, sudden
suppression of perspiration about the head, or by some other exposure such
as might result from cold, influenza or attack of rheumatism. There may be
aching pains and a feeling of heavy weight in the forehead; tearing,
stitching pains above the eyes, in the cheek bones; sometimes the skull
feels as if it would fall to pieces. In the rheumatic variety the scalp is
sore and tender, tearing throbbing pains or hard aching pains. There is
some fever, dry skin, the pulse is faster.

Treatment. Get into a sweat by hot drinks of lemonade and hot foot baths.
Apply cold or warmth to the head, lie down and keep quiet.

Medicine. Aconite in doses of one-tenth of a drop to an adult every hour
will frequently abort it: open the bowels with salts. Remain in bed.


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