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How to Take Hold of a Broken Leg or Arm

Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Never take hold of it from
above, but slip the hands underneath, and then take a firm but gentle hold
at two points a short distance from the break on each side, and all the
while making slight extension with the hand on the end part (distal part)
so as to keep the ends from rubbing together, and lift with both hands at
the same time slowly and evenly until the limb is in the required
position. Then apply the emergency treatment. This is to help keep the
broken parts in place until proper care can be given, or to assist in
safely and comfortably moving the patient to the place desired. Support
the broken limb with something smooth and stiff, such as a thin narrow
shingle, three inches wide perhaps, or thin board, stout pasteboard, or
the bark of trees, and padded with something soft, such as cotton, wool,
hay, straw, leaves, which can be held by bandages of required width, or
handkerchiefs folded in triangular shape, or by strips of linen, muslin,
ribbon or anything with which the splint can be temporarily held fast.

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