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Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Pressure from improperly fitting shoes, or
a wrong way of cutting the nails. The flesh along the nails becomes
inflamed. Toe-nails should be cut straight across, and not trimmed too
closely at the corners.

Treatment. Wear broad-toed shoes with low heels. The high heels push the
toes against the shoe and besides are unhealthy and dangerous in walking.

Hot poultices will relieve the inflammation and pain. Soak the toe in hot
water and push the flesh back from the nail. Cotton under the edge and
corner of the nail helps to keep it away. Dust a boric acid powder, mixed
with an equal quantity of starch flour, on the parts. Mennen's borated
talcum powder is good.

MOTHER'S REMEDY. 1. In-growing Toe-Nail, Popular Remedy for. "Shave a
little common laundry soap and mix with a little cream and pulverized
sugar, work to the consistency of salve and apply to the affected part
night and morning. It will take off the proud flesh in about ten days and
then heal. This is a good salve for bed-sores or cuts, that, have dirt in
them, and will also draw out a splinter. To prevent in-growing toe-nails,
scrape the center of the nail very thin and cut a V in the top. This will
allow the nail to bend and the corners will have a chance to grow up and
out. Avoid short shoes and stockings." Anyone suffering from this dreaded
thing will be willing to try anything that will give relief. The above
treatment is always at hand, and has been known to cure in severe cases.


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