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Period Of Eruption Or Appearing Of The Rash

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Commonly, on the second day, towards evening, sometimes on the third,

and only in very bad cases later, the rash begins to make its

appearance, under an increase of the above symptoms, especially of the

fever and delirium, and continues to come out for about twelve hours.

Usually the eruption commences in the face, on the throat and chest;

thence it spreads over the rest of the trunk, and finally it extends to

the extr
mities. The minute red points, which appear at first, soon

spread into large, flat, irregular patches, which again coalesce and

cover the greater part, if not the whole, of the surface, being densest

on the upper part of the body, particularly in front, in the face, on

the neck, the inner side of the arms, the loins, and the bend of the

joints. The scarlet color of the rash disappears under the pressure of

the finger, but reappears immediately on the latter being removed.

Sometimes the eruption takes place with a profuse warm sweat, which

prognosticates a mild course and a favorable issue of the disorder.

Together with the appearance of the rash, the disease develops itself

also more internally: the inflammation of the mouth and throat

increases; the tonsils and fauces swell to a high degree; the eyes

become suffused and sensitive to the light; the mucous membranes of the

nose and bronchia become also affected, the patient sneezes and coughs,

and all the symptoms denote the intense struggle, in which the whole

organism is engaged, to rid itself of the enemy which has taken

possession of it.