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Period Of Efflorescence Or Standing Out Of The Rash

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

During the first day or two of the period of efflorescence, which lasts

three or four days, the above symptoms usually continue to increase.

Sometimes, however, the patient is alleviated at once on the rash being

formed. This alleviation always takes place when the rash comes with

perspiration, and also under a proper course of water-treatment. If the

rash continues to stand out steadily, the symptoms decrease on the third

day; the patient becomes more quiet, the pulse slower (going down to 90

and even to 80 strokes per minute); the rash, then, gradually and

steadily fades, and finally disappears altogether.--Sometimes the rash

fades or disappears too early, in which cases, usually, the internal

symptoms increase, the brain and spine become affected, and the

situation of the patient becomes critical.