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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This is inflammation of the Pleura of one or both lungs, generally

confined to one side. It is known by sharp pain in the side of the

chest, increased by taking a long breath, or coughing, or by pressing

between the ribs. The cough is dry and painful, the patient makes an

effort to suppress it, from the pain it gives him; the fever is of a

high grade, the pulse full, hard and frequent, with more or less pain in

the hea


_Aconite_ is a sovereign remedy. It should be given at intervals

proportionate to the severity of the disease, once in half an hour, for

about three doses, then every hour until the patient is easy and

perspires freely. This is the course I have generally pursued, and

scarce ever failed of relieving in a few hours. Other means may often be

used with advantage at the same time, and not interfere with the action

of the medicine. Put the feet and _hands_ into water as hot as it can be

endured, and apply to the affected side very hot cloths, hot bags of

salt, or mustard. There is no harm in this, and it relieves the pain.

Let the patient drink freely of _hot_ water, into which you may put milk

and sugar to render it palatable. If the case seems to linger, and

perspiration is tardy in appearing, give, in alternation with _Aconite_,

_Eupatorium arom._ This will soon relieve.