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Philosophy Of Disease And Cure

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

In every part of the animal economy, polar derangements in the

electro-vital principle are liable to occur. These derangements are

always the real foundation of disease. They may be occasioned by a

thousand agencies, which act as the procuring cause of disease; but

the proximate and sustaining cause is polar disturbance--derangement

of the electro-vital poles. Parts which, in health, are relatively

positive, may become
negative, and that which should be negative may

become positive. Or again, a part, naturally positive to its

counterpart, may become excessively so, and that which should be

relatively negative may become negative to a morbid degree.

To correct these polar disturbances and restore the normal polarization,

is to cure the complaint. This is, under the treatment of most

physicians, often accomplished by the use of medicines, and by

mechanical or surgical agency. We accomplish it by the proper

application of the poles of our electrical apparatus. In cases where

there is virus to be destroyed, or abnormal growths to be removed,

we also secure the chemical action appropriate to these ends by the

proper selection of our current. It often happens that mechanical or

surgical action is demanded. In many such cases, we do not profess

to secure normal polarization and consequent cure by means of

electricity alone. Yet, in a large proportion of the cases where

mechanical or surgical agency is usually thought to be indispensable,

we are able to cure by electric action only, since by it we can exert

very considerable mechanical force at will; and can also, in many

instances, attain much more happily, by means of electricity, the very

ends or the best ends which would be aimed at by skillful surgical