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Treatment Of Acute And Subacute Inflammation And Ulceration Of The Esophagus

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Bismuth subnitrate in doses of about one gramme, given

dry on the tongue and swallowed without water, has a local antiseptic

and protective action. Its antiseptic power may be enhanced by the

addition of calomel to the powder, in such amount as may be tolerated

by the bowels. If pain be present the combination of a grain or two of

anesthesin or orthoform with the bismuth will be grateful. The local

application of argyrol in 25 per cent watery solution is also of great

value. The mouth and teeth are to be kept clean with a mouth wash of

Dakin's solution, 1 part, to peppermint water, 6 parts. The esophagus

must be placed at rest as far as possible by liquid diet or, if need

be, by gastrostomy.