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Treatment Of Affections Of The Nervous Centres

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

In affections of the nervous centres, the _brain_, the _cerebellum_, and

the _spine_ (see 17-19), the danger which threatens the patient's life

is principally averted by the sitz-bath. The nervous system needs

support, and the circulation must be regulated. In every case where the

packs do not relieve the symptoms in the head and spine, the sitz-bath

is probably the only remedy to remove the danger. It should be about

70 deg., and the patient should stay in it till relieved, which will

probably be in half an hour or there about. After the sitz-bath, if the

patient feel quite easy and inclined to sleep, he may be put to bed; if

he continues restless and still complains of pain, he should be put in a

wet pack of about 65 deg.. There he should stay till he complains of more

pain, when he should take his bath and repeat the sitz-bath. Thus he

should alternate till he becomes entirely relieved.