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Treatment Of The Violent Or Sthenic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The _violent_, or _sthenic form_ of scarlatina anginosa becomes

dangerous only through the excess of reaction, when the heat is extreme

(upwards of 105 deg. Fahrenheit, sometimes 112 to 114), the pulse can

scarcely be counted, as it hammers away full and hard in a raging

manner, the throat being inflamed and swollen to suffocation, and the

patient in a high state of delirium; but it need not frighten the

physician or p
rent acquainted with the use of water. We have the means

of subduing that violence without weakening the patient. It is in this

form of scarlatina that the greatest mistakes are committed by

physicians unacquainted with the virtues of water, and that our

hydriatic method shows itself in all its glory; for where there is an

abundance of heat, water cannot only be safely applied, but it is also

sure to bring relief. It is in this form of the disease that the cold

affusions recommended by Currie and his followers, have shown themselves

so beneficial, and that the wet-sheet, used properly and perseveringly,

is almost infallible.