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Treatment Of The Mild Or Erethic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The _mild_ or _erethic form_ of scarlatina anginosa requires about the

same treatment as scarlatina simplex. I would, however, for the sake of

safety, advise a pack and bath per day, through the whole course of the

disease, in the afternoon, when the fever begins to rise; and during the

period of eruption, when all the symptoms increase, two and even three

packs a day may be required. This depends on the increasing heat and
r /> fever, as well as on the condition of the throat. The greater the heat

and fever, and the more troublesome the inflammation, the more packs. If

the fever and pain increase some time after the pack, in which the

patient may stay for an hour or two, the packing must be repeated. The

length of the pack depends much on circumstances; as long as the patient

feels comfortable and can be kept in it, without too much trouble, he

ought to stay. In case the patient cannot be prevailed upon to stay

longer than an hour, or if the fever increases soon after the pack, it

may be necessary to repeat packing every three or four hours, which is

the general practice of several water-physicians in Germany and England.

If the patient becomes restless soon after having been packed, the

heat and fever increasing, as may be ascertained from the pulse at the

temples and the general appearance of the face, the sheet must be

changed, as directed above (46) till the patient becomes quiet and feels

more comfortable. In case of repeated changing of sheet, the patient

should stay in the last sheet, till he has perspired about half an hour,

or longer, before he is taken out to the bath, which should be of about

70 deg., as in all the mild forms of scarlatina. The length of the bath

depends on the heat, and reaction of the patient, who should be well

cooled down all over, before going to bed again or dressing. He ought

not to be out of bed for a long time, and only after a bath, as this

will protect him from taking cold.