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Toxic Disturbances And Heart Rate

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Sources: Disturbances Of The Heart

Under this head it is not proposed to consider disturbances of the

heart due to infections, to cardiac disease, or to localized or

general acute or chronic disease, but to discuss disturbances due to

the absorption of irritants froth the intestines, and to alcohol,

tobacco and caffein.

It is hardly necessary to repeat that various toxins which may

seriously irritate the heart may be absorbed from the inte

during fermentation or putrefactives processes in either the small

or the large intestines. The heart may be slowed by some, made rapid

by others, and it is often made irregular. The relation of the

absorption of intestinal toxins to increased blood pressure has

already been described, and the necessity of removing from the diet

anything which perpetuates or increases intestinal indigestion in

all cases of high blood pressure has already been referred to

several times. The indications that such a condition of the

intestines is present are irregular action of the bowels, a large

amount of intestinal gas, sometimes watery stools, often a coated

tongue, and the presence of indican in the urine.