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Treatment Of Scarlatina Anginosa Or Sore-throat Scarlet-fever

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

In _scarlatina anginosa_, or _sore-throat scarlet-fever_, which is the

most common form of the disease (1-7) we have to discriminate, whether

1) the _reaction is mild_, the heat of the body not being much above

100 deg. Fahr. and the pulse full, but not above 110 to 120, the pain and

swelling of the throat moderate, the brain little or not affected; or

2) _violent_, the heat from 106 to 112, the pulse 120 to 150 beats or

more, the inflammation of the throat decided and extensive, the brain

very much affected; or

3) _torpid_, little or no heat, the pulse quick and weak, the

inflammation of the throat undecided, varying, the rash appearing slowly

or not at all, and what there appears of a pale, livid color, the

patient more or less delirious.