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Water-treatment As Used By Currie Reuss Hesse Schoenlein &c

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Beside the above modes of treatment _cold_ and _tepid Water_ has been

extensively used and recommended by reliable authorities. Currie,

Pierce, Gregory, Bateman, von Wedekind, Kolbany, Torrence,

Reuss, von Froehlichsthal, and others, have treated their

scarlet-patients with _cold affusions_. Henke, Raimann, Froehlich,

Hesse, Steimmig, Gregory, Jr., Schoenlein, Fuchs, and others,

have not ventured beyond _cool_ and _tep
d ablutions_. The former,

although the general result has been very satisfactory, have proved

dangerous in some cases; and the latter, though safer in general, have

not been efficient in many others. The use of water, though safer than

other remedies, has never become general, _owing to the unsystematic,

unsafe, or inefficient forms of its application_.

Fear and prejudice--fed by the great mass of physicians, who generally

take too much care of their reputation to expose it in the use of a

remedy the effects of which are so easily understood by every one--have

also been obstacles to its promulgation; and the exaggerations of some

of its advocates in modern times, bearing for a great part the

characteristics of charlatanism, have scared many who might have become

converts to Priessnitz's method, to whose genius and good luck we are

indebted for the most important, most harmless, and at the same time the

most efficient and most reliable discovery, viz.: