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Acidum Lacticum

COMMON NAME, Lactic acid.

ORIGIN.--Lactic acid is obtained from sour milk, resulting from the

fermentation of the sugar of milk under the influence of casein.

PREPARATION for Homoeopathic Use.--One part by weight of pure lactic

acid is dissolved in 99 parts by weight of alcohol.

(A very complete proving of this remedy will be found in

Allen's Encyclopaedia of Pure Mat
ria Medica, but little

use seems to have been made of it, though the following

by Dr. Tybel-Aschersleben, Allgemeine Hom. Zeitung,

March 13, 1890, seems to show that it is very efficient

in certain forms of rheumatism.)

We are by no means rich in remedies against arthritic rheumatism, and

those which we do use lack the reputation of being reliable. A new and a

valuable remedy will therefore be a welcome addition to this list. I say

reliable, inasmuch as this remedy is truly homoeopathically indicated

for, according to Foster, of Leitz, Niemeyer's Pathology, 10th edition,

2d vol., pp. 561: "Lactic acid in large doses and used for a long time

will produce symptoms entirely analogous to arthritic rheumatism." We

also find mention elsewhere that the use of lactic acid occasioned

rheumatic pains in the thigh.


1. A young girl aet. 15 was afflicted with acute arthritic rheumatism,

she received Acid Lacticum 2x dil., a dose every 2 or 3 hours, and was

so much improved in two weeks that the pain had subsided, and for her

remaining weakness China off. sufficed.

2. A nine-year-old girl was confined to her bed for three weeks with

acute arthritic rheumatism. Acid Lacticum 2 speedily cured her.

3. A miner, B., had been afflicted over six weeks with acute arthritic

rheumatism. The first dose of Acid Lactic 2 gave relief and a second

dose cured the man.

4. In a case with swollen and very painful joints one dose of Acidum

Lactic 2 sufficed to overcome the pain and the swelling. Against the

remaining weakness China proved efficacious.

5. Arthritic rheumatism of the wrist vanished slowly after using Acid

Lactic 2 from two to three weeks.

6. A patient afflicted with arthritic rheumatism for four weeks,

accompanied by copious perspiration, soon mended under the use of Acid

Lactic 2 and was entirely cured within two weeks.

7. Even in a case of chronic arthritis with inflation of the Epiphyses

of Metacarpal bones and consequent partial displacement of the fingers,

Lactic Acid 2 produced such a decided amelioration that two months

later the report said: all pains are gone even the anchylosis has


(It has also been successfully employed in cases where

the digestive powers are weak and is said to be

preferable to other acids in such cases. It has also been

successfully employed in cases of dyspepsia.)