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Euphorbia Corollata

NAT. ORD., Euphorbiaceae.

COMMON NAMES, Milk Weed. Wild Ipecac. Blooming or Flowering Spurge.

PREPARATION.--The fresh root is pounded to a pulp and macerated in two

parts by weight of alcohol.

(In North American Journal of Homoeopathy, Dr. E. M.

Hale has, among other things, the following to say of

this drug):

Its action on the system i
intense and peculiar. It is called by the

country people by the expressive name of Go-quick, referring to its

quick and prompt action. I am indebted to Dr. A. R. Brown, of

Litchfield, Mich., for many interesting facts relating to its action. It

is considered, by those who use it, as the most powerful "revulsive

agent" in their Materia Medica, in all cases of local congestion,

especially of the lungs and head; also in inflammation of the pleura,

lungs, and liver, and is used as a substitute for bleeding and Calomel.

Its admirers allege that it will certainly arrest the progress of the

above affections in a few hours, and break up all simple fevers. This is

of course erroneous, but it reminds one of the Helleborine of the

ancients, so graphically described by Hahnemann. In fact no drug with

which I am acquainted so much resembles the Veratrum album.