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Lycopus Virginicus

NAT. ORD., Labiatae.

COMMON NAME, Bugle Weed.

PREPARATION.--Tincture of the whole plant by macerating one part by

weight of the fresh plant in two parts by weight of alcohol.

(Although a well-known remedy, the following concerning

it may not be amiss here; it is from the Homoeopathic

World, 1889, by Dr. Proell):

Lycopus Virginicus seems
to be a specific for bringing back an old

(but long disappeared) haemorrhoidal flux in persons with light eyes. I

gave, a week ago, the first decimal dilution to a gentleman (sixty

years) for noise and throbbing in the head during the night (which

prevented the quietness of sleep); because neither Cactus (which

helped quickly when he had blood-spitting) nor Kalmia, nor Gelsemium

helped radically. The night after taking Lycopus, he was a little

better, and in the forenoon came a bleeding from the rectum (about three

tablespoonfuls after defecation) with great general relief. There was

chronic catarrhus bronchialis. Two days afterwards, I gave an elderly

lady (sixty years), who had glycosuria, cataract of the left eye, and

every third night was very restless, Lycopus Virginicus 1 decimal

dilution, one drop in the evening. The following night was excellent,

and in the morning came an abundant bleeding from the rectum, with great

relief. Both patients are tall, very irritable, have weak innervation of

the heart, without decided organic disease of the heart; both are

hypochondriacs; have light eyes; noise in the left ear. Both had, years

ago, haemorrhoidal flux, which stopped suddenly.