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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

A light supper before retiring, like hot milk,
broths, milk punch, etc., will very frequently promote sleep by removing

the cause and quickening the circulation. Give nutritious, easy food to

digest. The baths are not so valuable for this kind of insomnia. A cold

sponge bath or plunge may be of service.

Medicines. Tonics are needed here as in regular anemia. The patient must

be carefully treated, and very many of these cases can be cured. The

patient must render all the aid he can give, and the physician should gain

his confidence. If he does he will not need to give much medicine to put

the patient to sleep, and if he does give it he can frequently use a

Placebo with the same effect. Mind has an influence over mind. By

"Placebo" is meant any harmless substance, as bread-pills, given to soothe

the patient's anxiety rather than as a remedy.