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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

In this kind there is or seems to be too much blood
in the head. The patient may be stupid, with a flushed face. If conscious,

the brain feels as if it was rising or falling, especially upon the motion

of the head. The top of the head sometimes feels as if it would fly off.

The head throbs and beats violently. The hands and feet may be cold, the

face flushed or pale, the eyes bright, the pulse is generally heavy, full

and fas
, or it may be feeble, slow and intermittent.

Treatment. 1. The patient should remain in bed in a dark room, with the

head usually high. Cold should be applied to the head and heat to the

hands and feet. Move the bowels with salts and, if necessary, give an

enema also. It is well to give the foot-bath before going to bed. If

these things do not relieve the headache a doctor should be called, for it

may mean something serious. A hot mustard foot-bath and a mustard plaster

applied to the nape of the neck are of great value. In severe cases an ice

bag or very cold water, applied to the forehead and temples will very

often give great relief.

2. Spirits of Camphor 1 ounce

Spirits of Lavender 2 ounces

Alcohol 2 ounces

Wet the top of the head with it.

3. Camphor 1 dram

Oil of Peppermint 1 dram

Chloroform 1-1/2 ounces

Alcohol enough for 3 ounces

Shake the bottle and apply a little of the liquid to the place. Horseback

riding and walking are good for nervous girls and women.