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Constipation Corrections of Errors in Diet

Categories: Digestive Organs

This is one of the necessary features in
the treatment. All kinds of foods known to disagree should be discarded.

The foods should be easily digested. In children the diet should be rich

in fats, albuminoids and sugar, but poor in starches. A reasonable amount

of fruits such as apples, oranges, and figs should be allowed. Meals

should be at regular hours. Foods that can be used:

May Take--

/> Soups. Meat broths, oyster soup.

Fish. Boiled fish of all kinds, raw oysters.

Meats. Almost any fresh tender meat, poultry, game, not fried.

Farinaceous. Oatmeal, wheaten grits, mush, hominy, whole wheat bread,

corn bread, graham bread, rye bread.

Vegetables. Boiled onions, brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower,

potatoes, asparagus, green corn, green peas, string beans, salads with


Desserts. Stewed prunes, figs, baked apples with cream, ripe peaches,

pears, oranges, apples, melons, grapes, cherries, raisins, honey, plain

puddings, fig puddings, apple charlotte.

Drinks. Plenty of pure water, cold or hot, new cider, buttermilk, orange

juice, unfermented grape juice.

Must Not Take--

Salt, smoked, potted or preserved fish or meats, pork, liver, eggs, new

bread, puddings of rice or sago, pastry, milk, sweets, tea, nuts, cheese,

pineapple, spirituous liquors.

Foods classed as laxatives are honey, cider, molasses, and acid fruits,

such as apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and oranges. Berries are

effective laxatives on account of the acids and seeds they contain.

(Huckleberries are constipating). Prunes, dates and figs are good and

effective, also fruit juices.


Drinks. There are few laxatives better than a glass of cold water or

preferably hot water, taken upon an empty stomach before breakfast; water

prevents the feces from becoming dry and massed, and stimulates the

intestinal movements. A pinch of salt added to the water increases its


Out-door Exercise. This should be taken regularly and freely.

Bathing. The best time is before breakfast, and in as cold water as

possible. The bath should be followed by a thorough rubbing of the skin

with a Turkish towel.

Clothing. Warm clothing in winter; cool clothing in summer. Cold weather

induces constipation, and warm weather diarrhea. Moderate manner of living

is everything.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Constipation. 1. One year to three years. For

infants one teaspoonful or less of black molasses or store syrup, or of

olive oil; and Mellin's food eaten dry, is good for babies a year and


2. Small Children. Increase cream in the milk, give oatmeal or barley

water. Castile soap suppository, enema, massage, castor oil, or citrate of

magnesia if drugs are needed.

3. Older Children. In older children, fruit, oatmeal, etc. Black molasses

is good for children, one to two teaspoonfuls.

4. Fluid Extract of Cascara Sagrada. Dose: ten to sixty drops at night.

This is good for a great many cases and sometimes it cures the trouble,

but on the other hand it seems to injure some people.

5. The Aromatic Cascara is also good; doses are larger and pleasant to

take. This is more agreeable for children.

6. The Compound Licorice Powder is a mild, simple laxative and effective.

It is composed of senna eighteen parts, licorice root powder sixteen

parts, fennel eight parts, washed sulphur eight parts, sugar fifty parts.

Dose:--One to two teaspoonfuls.

7. For one dose, or one capsule, the proportions would be:



Aloin 1/4 grain 3 grains

Extract of Belladonna 1/8 grain 10 grains

Extract Nux Vomica 1/4 grain 3 grains

Powdered Gentian 3 grains 36 grains

Mix and put up in twelve capsules and take one at night.

There are many tablets and pills made that can be bought at any drug

store. No doubt some of them are first class, though perhaps not attaining

to that high degree of virtue claimed in their advertising columns.