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Nausea and Vomiting

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

Another symptom upon which considerable dependence
is placed is the morning sickness (nausea and vomiting). While this
symptom is common, yet its absence does not prove that the woman is not
pregnant. Some women go through the whole pregnancy without any sign of
this symptom.

Nausea accompanied or not by vomiting may appear at the very time of
conception, but it usually appears about the fourth or fifth week of
pregnancy and continues until the sixteenth week or longer. In some cases
it may last but a short time, in others it may continue until confinement.
It may be light or severe; It generally manifests itself upon arising in
the morning and subsides in a short time, but it may occur at any time of
the day and continue during the entire waking hours. It may be absent
entirely and, in rare instances, manifest itself in the husband alone. I
have known of one such case. This nausea may be excited only by various
odors or sights or may be caused by constipation. An increased secretion
from the salivary glands usually accompanies the stomach disturbances and
in some cases it may amount to salivation. An irresistible desire for
certain articles of food or drink, generally of a sour or acid nature, is
often developed. Indigestion, gas in the bowels and belching of gas are
frequently present. The appetite is often capricious or it may be entirely
lost (anorexia).

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