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MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Croup, Cold Application for

Category: Respiratory Diseases

"Apply to throat a
flannel wrung out of cold water, lay a dry cloth over it." This is an
excellent remedy for a mother to try in case of an emergency when no other
medicine can be obtained. This very often will relieve a child until other
remedies can be secured and has been known to save many children's lives:
The cold water helps to draw the blood away from the larynx and air
passages and also dilates the tubes and gives relief. Take great care not
to wet the child, as this will cause it to take more cold and may prove

2. Croup, Sure Cure for. "Give child anything that will make it vomit,
soak feet in hot water, apply onion drafts to bottom of feet, roast onions
and put on the chest, keep warm. My mother has cured me at least one
hundred times with the above remedy. She generally gave me pig's foot oil,
or oil from the feet of a chicken, sometimes melted lard. Croup has to be
attended to at once or it is fatal with the child." This is a very good

3. Croup, Immediate Relief from Steaming. "Put a small shawl over the
child's head to retain steam, then put a small chunk of unslaked lime in a
bowl of water under shawl. The steam affords immediate relief, usually, if
child inhales it." This is very good; shawl should cover the child's head
and bowl in which lime is dissolved.

4. Croup, for Baby or Older Child. "Take a teaspoonful alum, pulverize it
and sprinkle it on the whites of two fresh eggs in a cup or glass, let it
stand for a few minutes, until the combination has turned to water, or
water is produced; then give one-half teaspoonful to a child six months
old or less and increase the dose to one teaspoonful for older children,
and repeat the dose in fifteen or thirty minutes as the case may require.
Remarks: From personal experience in my own and neighbors' families, I
have never known a case where it did not bring relief and cure. The dose
must produce vomiting."

5. Croup, Remedy that Never Fails. "Two tablespoonfuls of liquor or
brandy and one-quarter teaspoonful of glycerin, one teaspoonful of sugar,
one tablespoonful of water; stir up well and give one teaspoonful every
hour or oftener if necessary. Then at same time take a flannel and soak
well in cold water, wring it gently and put around neck with a heavy, dry
flannel over the damp one. If damp flannel becomes hot take it off, dampen
it in more cold water and apply again, and so on until relieved. Do not
allow the patient to get chilled. Better results are obtained if patient
will go to bed. Remarks: I have used this in my family, and have always
found it to be the best croup cure I have ever seen, and it will be found
to give immediate relief. The external application is extremely good."

6. Croup, Coal Oil (kerosene) and Sugar for. "Coal oil and sugar; put a
few drops on a teaspoonful of sugar." The coal oil produces vomiting,
relieving the trouble. If the first dose does not have this effect upon
the child, repeat it.

7. Croup, Pork and Onion Poultice for. "Put pork and onions on the
throat. Drink plenty of hot water." Bind the pork and onions on the
throat, acting as a poultice. The virtue of this can be increased by
cooking the onions and pork together. Onion syrup may be given internally
to produce vomiting, even in very small babies.

8. Croup, Bloodroot for. "One teaspoonful powdered bloodroot mixed with
molasses or sugar. Have taken this myself and it relieved at once. If one
dose does not seem enough it may be repeated." This is a very effective
remedy, but is very weakening. Care should be taken not to repeat dose any
oftener than absolutely necessary.

9. Croup, Time Honored Remedy for. "Pulverized alum and sugar or honey or
molasses; mix together and give half teaspoonful doses or less. For
infants use only in emergency cases." This is one of the good
old-fashioned remedies that nearly every mother has used. It acts simply
by producing vomiting and causing the air tubes to relax. Repeat in five
to twenty minutes until it causes vomiting.

10. Croup, Ipecac for. "One-third teaspoonful of powdered ipecac
dissolved in one teaspoonful of water, one tablespoonful of sugar; pour on
one teacupful of boiling water and let boil down to a half cup, Dose: One
teaspoonful for adults; children in proportion every two hours; or, if
needed to vomit children give again in ten or fifteen minutes." If you
cannot secure the powdered ipecac, the syrup can be bought at any drug
store, and is already prepared, Dose: Ten to fifteen drops as the case may

11. Croup, Vaselin for. "Vaselin rubbed on the chest, cover with a hot
flannel, and take 1/4 teaspoonful of vaselin internally occasionally."
Dissolve vaselin and repeat dose if necessary to produce vomiting.

12. Croup, Ice Application for. "Ice applied to the throat is almost
instant relief." It is best to break the ice up fine and sprinkle salt on
same, putting it in a cheese cloth bag, binding on the throat with a
flannel, and change as soon as it shows signs of wetting.

13. Croup, Salt for. "Parched salt put on the throat hot." The parched
salt acts the same as mustard plaster, by producing a redness on the
throat. Salt is something that we can always have on hand and by using
this remedy we are always prepared for an emergency in case of croup.

14. Croup, Castor Oil Breaks up. "Castor oil, given before bedtime, is
good. Dose. From one-half to one teaspoonful. I have taken this when I
was small." Castor oil is good when the bowels are constipated or the
stomach is full.

15. Croup, Coal Oil, Turpentine and Snuff, a Canadian Remedy for. "A
little coal oil and a few drops of turpentine soaked up by snuff, and used
as plaster. Makes the child sneeze after a few minutes. The poultice
loosens the phlegm and the sneezing throws it off."


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