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MUMPS (Parotitis)

Category: Infectious Diseases

This is an acute infectious disease of one or both of
the parotid glands, located at the angle of the jaw, and extending up to
the ear, and, also, to other salivary glands. It appears only once. One
attack gives immunity. It may come at any age; but appears mostly before
the age of fifteen. It comes on one side first and may pass over to the
other side in a few days, as it usually does, and gives the face a broad
appearance, under the ears, or ear, and makes chewing and swallowing
almost impossible. There is no soreness of the throat in mumps. In
well-marked cases there is considerable fever and pain. It may last from a
few days to a week. The usual length of time the disease lasts is one
week. There is no tendency to form pus, even when the face is very hard
and swollen and tender. It will occasionally leave the face and appear in
the breasts and ovaries in the females or in the testicles of the males,
and in both places it causes much pain.

Treatment. The patient should be kept in the house and isolated in bed as
long as the symptoms last. When there is much pain, laudanum diluted
one-third with water may be applied continually with a soft warm cloth.
Oil of hyoscyamus applied twice daily to the sore parts is good if
laudanum is not used. When the swelling goes down I know of nothing as
good as a hot bean poultice, which must be changed often so as to keep
hot. Bean poultice. Simply boil the beans in water until they are soft
and thick enough to use as a poultice. The bowels should be kept open with
salts. The food must be liquid, such as milk, soups and gruels. If there
is not much fever, soft boiled eggs and milk toast from the beginning. Do
not use vinegar, acids or astringents.

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