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Category: Constitutional Diseases

This is a very painful affection of the voluntary
muscles, called also neuralgia, or according to its location, torticollis
(stiff neck, wry neck), pleurodynia, lumbago (rheumatism in the back).

Causes. Predisposed to it by previous attacks, having a rheumatic or
gouty constitution (diathesis). It follows sudden exposure, hence it is
most common in men.

Symptoms. Local pain in the muscles, sharp or dull, aching constant, or
caused by certain movements and is usually relieved by pressure. It lasts
from a few days to several weeks and frequently recurs. The common forms
are: Lumbago. This affects the muscles of the back, and usually comes on
suddenly with a sharp stich-like pain, and is chiefly seen in those who
labor hard, often completely disabling them for a time.

Torticollis (stiff or wry neck). It is usually on the side or back of the
neck. Comes from a draught of cold wind on the neck, etc.

Pleurodynia, pain in the chest muscles, etc. With pain in all movements
of the chest, resembling intercostal neuralgia or pleurisy.

Diet for Rheumatism from the Head Nurse of a Prominent Hospital:--

May Take--

Soups. Mutton broth, chicken or beef tea, in small quantities.

Fish. Raw clams or oysters, fresh fish (whiter kinds) boiled.

Meats. Chicken, calf 's head, sweetbread, tripe, broiled fat bacon or
broiled ham (all sparingly).

Farinaceous. Whole wheat, corn or brown bread, arrowroot, rice, dry
toast, milk toast.

Vegetables. Spinach, green peas or cabbage (well boiled), celery,
lettuce, cresses, radishes.

Desserts. Milk, rice or arrowroot pudding, (all without sugar), junket.

Drinks--Tea (without sugar), buttermilk, pure water, plain with lemon or
lime juice (no sugar).

Must Not Take--

Pork, veal, turkey, goose, duck, fried fish or salt meats, cooked oysters
or clams, salted, dried, potted or preserved fish or meats (except fat
bacon or ham), crabs, salmon, lobster, eggs, rich made dishes, gravies,
potatoes, tomatoes, beans, asparagus, mushrooms, candies, rich puddings,
pies, pastry, nuts, cheese, coffee, cider, malt liquors, wines.

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