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Sources: Papers On Health

To secure a healthy appearance of this is worth much

trouble, and any eruption or unhealthy redness is a great trial,

especially to ladies. To cure and prevent these, it is usually

necessary to look first to the diet. A disagreeable redness of the

nose, and pimples in various places, is the common result of too much

rich food, not to speak of alcoholic drink, which is always most

injurious to the face skin. The use of
orsets is another fertile

source of this trouble, and many in their desire to improve their

figure ruin their faces. Plain, easily digested food is to be taken.

Tea must only be used at most twice in the day, and should be

exceedingly weak. Half-a-teacupful of hot water should be taken before

every meal, and everything possible done to promote digestion. The

whole skin must be brought into a healthy state by daily washing with

M'Clinton's soap (see Soap); no other should be used for toilet

purposes. It is far better than the boasted and expensive "complexion

soaps," and can now be had in various forms. Many faces are injured by

the kind of soap used in washing. The use of the kind we recommend is

remarkably pleasant and beneficial, and a full account of it, and of

our motives in recommending it, will be found under article Soap. If,

however, the face will not stand the touch of water at all, good

BUTTERMILK (see) forms the best wash and cooling application. Also a

cloth mask may be worn all night, lined inside with soft creamy soap

lather. In violent face irritation this last treatment is especially


For pimples on the face, the general treatment for the skin mentioned

above (see Eyes, Inflamed) is to be used, especially applied to the

skin of the back. The buttermilk wash may also be used, but the best

effect comes from the general treatment of the skin.