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Headache Sick

Sources: Papers On Health

The stomach and head affect each other powerfully, and

a disordered stomach causes severe headache, known as sick headache.

In many cases a few tablespoonfuls of hot water, taken at intervals of

five minutes, will effect a cure. He is himself "simple" who laughs at

this as "simple." If a dose of hot water cures, and removes any need

for expensive drugs, that is a matter for thankfulness and not for

laughter. When some
ubstance not easily dissolved has lodged in the

stomach, hot water is often all that is needed to remove the trouble.

But it must be remembered that over-eating, or the eating of

indigestible food, must be given up, and the food must be masticated

till it is reduced to a liquid condition.

Many will say they have not time for this, but time must be taken, and

half the quantity of food well masticated will nourish better than the

whole imperfectly masticated.

Headache on waking in the morning is a frequent result of stomach

disorder. In such a case take two teacupfuls of hot water, with an

interval of ten minutes between. In many cases a slice of lemon in the

hot water powerfully aids to cure. Especially is this the case where

pains in the bowels are felt along with the headache. If lemons cannot

be had, a few drops of vinegar will form a good substitute. Continue to

take half a teacupful at intervals all day.

Sick headache may, however, arise from the head causing disorder in the

stomach. The head may then be fomented gently, and if necessary soaped

(see Head, Skin of) or massaged (see Head, Rubbing, Massage), which

should in most cases remove the trouble if carefully and well done.

Headaches are frequently caused by anxiety and worry, which have all

the marks of sick headache. Dull pain and heat, more or less

persistent, also arise from this cause. The treatment for such cases is

given in the preceding article for pressure from overwork. It is well

to see, in such cases, that the mental and spiritual cures be applied,

as well as the material. Let there be resolute putting away of all

worrying ideas at night, and during every leisure time. Let perfect

trust in a loving Heavenly Father relieve us of all burdens. Much may

thus be done to cure even a sore head and weary brain. We are of "more

value than many sparrows" to One whose power and wisdom are really

infinite. Take both sides of this great truth, the spiritual and the

material, and you will find it a glorious help in worry and

disappointing failure. What a remedy it is when good medical treatment

and true faith in God come together to give peace to the weary one!

See Worry.