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To Prevent Colds

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

Keep the _arms_, _hands_ and _chest_ well clothed and warm.

_Affecting_ the _head_ as _catarrh_, or the pelvic regions keep the

_feet and ankles warm and dry_. Affecting joints and muscles as

Rheumatism--protect the _Spine_ (back) from colds and currents of air.

After an accidental exposure as by getting the feet wet, or being caught

in a shower, drink _bountifully_ of cold water, and take a dose of

_Nux_; followed in an hour by _Aconite_, if any chilliness is felt, or

_Copaiva_ if the head is "stuffed up."

In winter and spring when the weather is mild, but there is snow, or the

ground is damp, more clothes are necessary than when it is freezing hard

and the air is dry.

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