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To Prevent Scarlet Fever

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

Give Belladonna at the 3d attenuation, three to six pellets, according

to the age of the child, every morning, during the prevalence of the

epidemic. This is for the common or mild form of the disease. If the

prevailing epidemic is of the _malignant_ kind, producing fatal

ulcerations of the throat, give _Bell._ once in two days and _Mercurius

Corrosivus_ at the 3d attenuation on the alternate day.

While _Bell._ is a very certain preventive of the common eruptive

Scarlatina, it is not as certain to prevent the _malignant_ form. Though

it renders the latter much more mild, the _Merc. Cor._ is necessary to

ward it off entirely, or so modify as to divest it of the dangerous