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THINGS IN THE EAR; Buttons, Beads, etc

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

The bent hairpin is good to use
for removing these objects, unless it is too far in. Sometimes the object

can be washed out with a stream of water. This will kill and destroy

insects. A small stream from a pitcher will do, if there is no fountain

syringe handy. Water should not be used for corn, peas or beans, for if

they are not removed the water will cause them to swell up and enlarge. A

competent person should then be called, but no injury will be done for a

few hours.

GAS from wells, cisterns, mines, illuminating gas and coal gas.

Treatment. Fresh pure air. Open all windows in the house and remove

patient from a house filled with coal gas. Artificial respiration: Inject

salt enemas; teaspoonful of salt to one pint of warm water.