Club Foot

Sources: Papers On Health

Children are not unfrequently born with this deformity in

one or other of its various shapes. The cause is to be sought in such a

defective state of the nervous system as hinders the proper growth of

these parts. If the nerves are treated rightly, the limbs will so grow

that the defect will disappear. We speak from positive knowledge of

cases so cured.

Treatment must first stimulate the spinal nerves; gentle, continued

rubbing on each side of the spine with hot olive oil will do this.

Proceed, after some time of this, to rub and knead the haunch, thigh,

and leg with the same hot oil. Continue this, gradually descending,

until the defective foot is reached and similarly treated. We have

known even adults cured in this way, with perseverance. Ten or fifteen

minutes of this treatment before a fire, or in a warm room, every

night, will do wonders. A skilful surgeon can do much to remedy this,

but one really skilful should be chosen. See Massage.