Children's Healthy Growth

Sources: Papers On Health

Often either the whole system or some part

fails to grow properly. In this way the spine or legs may become

curved, or generally the child is small and feeble. Growth depends

largely on the organic nerve centres. Lack of power there causes even

deformity itself. Treatment, therefore, must be such as to restore to

these centres their energy, and increase it. Do not force the child to

stand or walk when wearied. If he uniformly refuses these attitudes,

have patience till he gathers power. Wash all over at bedtime with warm

water and M'Clinton's soap. Dry, and rub all over with warm olive oil.

Wipe this also gently off. Let the rubbing be such, along each side of

the spine, as will bring the organic nerves into action. Gentle, slow,

steady motion of the hand is best for this. All painful or irritating

rubbing is positively hurtful. Let this be done every night, and even

incipient deformity will be cured in time.

The nerves are in some cases irritable, and great restlessness and

involuntary movement, accompanied even with twisting of the neck, shows

itself. This will yield to skilful cooling of the spinal nerves with

damp cloths. See St. Vitus' Dance.

An opposite kind of nervous failure shows itself as paralysis. The hand

and arm, or foot, trails helplessly, owing to motor nerve failure. This

will often yield to the spinal rubbing and poulticing mentioned above.

Another state of failure is indicated by "numbness" in the fingers and

toes. The spinal rubbing and poulticing with bran will also be

effective for this. Sometimes lack of nerve force shows itself as

failure to walk at the proper time. The child cannot use its limbs

properly, although these are right enough in shape and size. The cure

for this is persistent gentle rubbing with warm oil, as recommended

above, over the whole body, but especially over the back. Feel for the

muscles and bones, and adapt your hand to their shape, going down into

the hollows immediately on each side of the spine, and paying

particular attention to the upper part in the failure of the arms,

and the lower part in failure of the legs. This rubbing is a most

powerful remedy, but it must be patiently and well applied twice a day

for a length of time. Bear in mind that gradual cures are most

permanent. Even creeping paralysis in adult persons yields to this

rubbing. No doubt it is work, but it is well repaid. All troubles

where failing nerves are concerned may be treated with some

modification of this heat and rubbing. Our readers can easily adapt it

to particular needs by a little thought. See Spine, Misshapen, and