Cures As Self-applied

Sources: Papers On Health

Often young people in lodgings are in

difficulty for want of some one to apply the necessary treatment in

their own case. It is often, however, possible to treat oneself quite

successfully by exercising care and common sense. Help should always be

got if possible, but where it cannot, it may be done without. In the

case of applying cold cloths to any part, when it is necessary to

change these frequently, a basin of cold water may stand by the bedside

so that the patient can wring out towels without getting up. A still

better plan is to have several towels wrung out to begin with--these

may be hung over a rail or chairs until required. When the first has

been heated it must be hung over the rail or chair so as to be as much

spread out as possible. Evaporation will then cool it sufficiently to

be used when its turn comes again. Each towel is to be treated in a

similar way in turn. Four towels will give an hour's cooling with very

little trouble in this way. So a bran poultice may be prepared and laid

on the bed, so that one can lie down on it, and with the cold towels

handy, as above, most effective treatment given. Common sense is the

guide here, as everywhere in our treatment, and a little thought will

solve difficulties at first apparently insoluble.