Sources: Papers On Health

These will be found treated under the various heads of Colds,

Bronchitis, Consumption, etc., but some particular cases of mere

cough demand special attention. A tickling cough sometimes comes on,

and seems to remain in spite of all efforts to get rid of it. It is

worse at night, and keeps the sufferer from sleeping, causing much

distress. Where the breathing organs are weak, this cough is caused by

an extra flow of blood to them, especially on lying down, the blood

acting as an irritant by pressing where it should not. In such cases a

BRAN POULTICE (see) applied as directed for Bronchitis, with cooling

applications to the part where the tickling is felt, should soon effect

a cure. See Restlessness.

We had a case lately in which these features were very marked. It

seemed as if the patient had caught cold and this was showing itself in

severe and alarming coughing. The skin was yellow, and there were other

signs of failure in the organs that purify the blood. Irritating

substances were passing into the lungs because of failure in the liver

and kidneys, and not from anything in the lungs themselves. In such

cases the cough is merely a way of throwing off everything which ought

not to be in the breathing organs.

The remedy is very simple. Let the patient take about three

tablespoonfuls of hot water every ten minutes for four hours. Before

these four hours are expired, the substances causing irritation will be

so diluted that they will cease to irritate, and the organs failing to

do their duty will be in full working order.