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Medical Articles

Cardiac Drugs

Whether any drug should be used which acts directly on the he...

Fever Hay

See Hay Fever. ...

Acetic Acid

is a most efficient remedy applied to old irritable _varicose...

Clinical Interpretation Of Pulse Tracings

A moment may be spent on clinical interpretation of pulse tra...

Children In Fever

Fevered children, whether in any actual fever, as scarlet, typ...


These will be found treated under the various heads of Colds, ...


This disease depends upon derangement of the liver. The skin ...


Swellings in the breast often arouse fear of cancer, but are g...

Practice On The Dog

Having mastered the technic of introduction on the cadaver a...

Paroxysmal Tachycardia Management

There is no specific treatment for paroxysmal tachycardia. Wh...


Though not often fatal, this illness gives serious trouble. It...

Mind In Disease

Often a person, because of physical failure, becomes possessed...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Accidents And Emergencies

Ordinarily, Accidents are not Serious. Accidents will happe...


This disease, or its approach, may be known by several signs: ...


The only sure sign of the presence of this parasite in the int...


There are two more or less distinct stages of this serious tro...

Sentiment _versus_ Sentimentality

FREEDOM from sentimentality opens the way for true sentiment....

Balance Loss Of

Cases where loss of balance in walking and standing are due to...


This term is applied so loosely and so indiscriminately to al...

Children's Strength

Source: Papers On Health

The question often arises as to the ability of
children to bear certain kinds of treatment. It must ever be
remembered, both in hot and cold applications, that the infant should
be gently dealt with. Violent cold and burning heat must alike be

With a gentle application of heat before bracing cold is used,
considerable power of endurance is imparted. Strong blisters and
violent medicines should never be used. Very much less treatment will
affect the infant than that required for an older child. And in almost
every case the most durable cures are reached by gradual progress.

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