Cold Settled

Sources: Papers On Health

A cold is often easily overcome. At other times it

"sits down," as country people say, and refuses to be cured, a hard dry

cough continuing for a long time, and causing sleeplessness and general

weakness. In such a case first try to secure an increase generally of

vital energy. At night rub the feet and legs with hot olive oil. Pack

them for three-quarters of an hour in a good large blanket

fomentation, open out, and dry well, oil and dry again, put on a pair

of cotton stockings, and put the patient to bed. In the morning, place

a towel tightly wrung out of cold water all round the back and breast.

Cover this well with dry towels, and tuck the patient in, so that he

becomes warm and comfortable. In three-quarters of an hour open out,

dry the skin, oil it and dry again. Then the ordinary clothing may be

put on. The second evening it will be well to pack in the SOAPY BLANKET

(see). Next morning the towel envelope should be repeated as before.

The third evening, put a large BRAN POULTICE (see) between the

shoulders. While this is on apply cold to the chest, as in treatment

for BRONCHITIS (see). It is good to take sips of hot water at any

time if the cough is troublesome. A teaspoonful of boiled liquorice and

linseed two or three times a day has a good effect. This treatment

usually cures a pretty severe case.