Common Colds

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take the B D Faradaic current--moderate strength. If the affection be

mainly in the head, give,

1st. A face bath. Let an earthen wash-basin, nearly filled with

tepid water, be placed on a table or chair before the patient, he

holding the sponge-roll [see page 89] N. P. in his hands. Now let him

bury his face in the water as long as he can hold his breath. At the

instant after his face is in the water, drop into the water the tin

electrode P. P. Repeat this process as often as he recovers his breath,

some eight, ten or a dozen times.

2d. Place the sponge-roll N. P. in the hands as before, and, making an

electrode P. P. of your own hand, in the manner directed for

diagnosis, clasp the nose of the patient between your thumb and

finger, moving them up and down along the sides of the nose, and on the

nose between the eyes, about five minutes.

Repeat the above forms twice or thrice a day.

If there be hoarseness, or cough, or stricture of lungs, or soreness of

chest, place N. P., with long cord, upon back of neck, and treat with

P. P. over the front part of neck and breast, and wherever upon the

thorax stricture or soreness appears.

If there be a feverish condition of the system, attended, perhaps, with

pain in the head, place P. P. on the spine, a little below the cranium,

and treat with N. P., long cord, all the way down the spine, and over

the entire back, sides, thorax and abdomen. In this case let the current

be rather mild, and be continued for a considerable length of time, with

the view of bringing out perspiration. It is best that the patient

should receive treatment in bed, perfectly protected from any cool air

that might restrain or check perspiration. In these cases, I not

unfrequently treat with a light B D current a full hour, unless

perspiration start freely in shorter time, working over the trunk and

limbs generally. But, while treating over the lower limbs, the P. P.

should be upon the hypogastric flexus, at the "small of the back." Treat

once or twice a day until relief appears.

After the stricture and soreness of the lungs are removed, and the

general febrile action is suppressed, it is desirable to give a general

tonic treatment.