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Medical Articles

Hay Fever

A most effective preventive and cure for this is the inhaling ...


IN climbing a mountain, if we know the path and take it as a ...


WILLIAM LILLY, a famous English astrologer of yeoman ancestry...

Interpretation Of Tracings

The interpretation of the arterial tracing shows that the nea...


is applied to wounds, _incised_ and _lacerated_, promoting he...

The Use Of The Brain

LET us now consider instances where the brain alone i...


Tea should not be infused longer than three or four minutes, an...


The treatment of shock will probably always be unsatisfactory...

Treatment Of Broken Compensation

The consideration of this subject will include the following ...

Nerve Centres Failing

Many diseases flow from this cause, but at present we only con...

Armpit Swelling

Often this comes as the result of a chill, or of enfeeblement ...


A large, soft, fleshy tumour is usually simply an accumulation...


There is no absolute contraindication to careful esophagosco...

Mind Training

IT will be plainly seen that this training of the bod...


_Erysipelas_ being commonly the reflexion of an internal dise...

Eyes Squinting

Various affections of the eyeball muscles cause this. To cure ...

Direct Laryngoscopy In Diseases Of The Larynx

The diagnosis of laryngeal disease in young children, impossi...

Heel Sprained

Often in sprains all attention is given to the bruised and tor...

Filling The Boiler Of The Body-engine

The Need of Water in the Body-Engine. If you have ever taken ...

To Prevent Typhoid Fever

When exposed, as in nursing the sick, take _Baptisia_ 2d, and...

In Excessive Heat And Continuous Delirium A Half-bath May Be Given

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

also, every time the packing sheet is changed. The rule is that _we_
ought not to yield, but the _symptoms must_; and they will, if the
treatment is persevered in. Only go at it with courage and confidence.
There is nothing to be apprehended from the treatment: where there is
too much heat, there is no danger of a lack of reaction, and
consequently no occasion for fears that the rash might be "driven in." A
physician afraid of using water freely in violent cases of
scarlet-fever, would resemble a fireman afraid of using his engine, for
fear of spoiling the house on fire.

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