Inflammation Of The Eyes - Ophthalmia

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

For common Ophthalmia, in the early stages, while there is more or less

fever and headache, with flushed face, bloodshot eyes and throbbing of

the temporal arteries, _Bell._ and _Aconite_ should be used alternately

every two hours, and a wash made with ten drops of tincture of Aconite

to one gill of pure water, applied to the eyes as hot as the patient can

bear. This application should be repeated every two hours, in a violent

case, until the eyes are easy, and then about twice a day until all

inflammation and redness pass off. This will relieve a large proportion

of cases in from one to four days.

If, however, the case continues obstinate for a longer time, or has been

of a week or more standing before the treatment is commenced, in the

place of Bell., or after using it one or two days, use _Hydrastus_ with

the _Aconite_, giving them alternately at intervals of two to six hours,

according to the stage of the case--more frequently as the symptoms are

more urgent, using washes prepared of each separately, as directed for

Aconite, except that the Hydrastus wash may be twice as strong; and

apply each about half as often as the same medicine is taken internally.

The wash should, in all cases of acute inflammation of the eyes, be as

hot as it can be borne. Let it be put into the eyes so as to come

directly in contact with the inflamed surface.

Simple hot water applied to inflamed eyes for hours together, allowing

short intervals between the applications, will often cure most painful


_Never apply cold_ to inflamed eyes. It always aggravates. When the

inflammation is in a scrofulous person, especially in infants, it

assumes a purulent character, and may leave the cornea in clouded

(nebulous) condition, and the sight more or less obliterated. For this

condition use _Conium_ first, and apply it _in tinct._, half water, to

the eyes every four hours.