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Medical Articles


We give this name to a trouble from which we have been able to...

Electrical Classification Of Diseases

There are two, and only two, primary classes of disease--thos...

Food In Illness

Light, easily digested food is of the first importance in many...


Take B D current, forceful as the patient can bear, and treat...

Deformities Of The Urinary Bladder The Operations Of Sounding For Stone Of Catheterism And Of Puncturing The Bladder Above The Pubes

The urinary bladder presents two kinds of deformity--viz., co...

Compression Stenosis Of The Esophagus

The esophagus may be narrowed by the pressure of any periesop...

Cooling In Heating

Often it is difficult to get a sufficient cooling effect by me...


MICHEL DE NOTREDAME, or NOSTRADAMUS, a celebrated French phys...


This is usually brought on by some excessive strain upon the b...

Spine Weakness Of The

See Children's Healthy Growth. ...


Some most distressing troubles come as the result of frights. ...

Esophageal Foreign Body Symptoms

1. There are no absolutely diagnostic symptoms. 2. Dysph...


Fatigue, excessive heat, fright, loss of blood, hunger, etc., ...


Is a most valuable aid to health, acting as a physical and men...

Brain Rest

The need for this is often indicated by irritability of temper...


This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from chi...


In every person there is a certain amount only of force which i...

Diet Economy In

Dr. Hutchison, one of our greatest authorities on the subject ...

Inflammation Of The Lungs - Pneumonia

This disease is often connected with Pleurisy, and consists o...

Bruises Case Xv

The following case was far more severe, but the mode of treat...

Inducing A Child To Open Its Mouth (author's Method)

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

The wounding
of the child's mouth, gums, and lips, in the often inefficacious
methods with gags, hemostats, raspatories, etcetera, are entirely
unnecessary. The mouth of any child not unconscious can be opened
quickly and without the slightest harm by passing a curved probe
between the clenched jaws back of the molars and down back of the
tongue toward the laryngopharynx. This will cause the child to gag,
when its mouth invariably opens.

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